Monday, 11 May 2015

And I know I Shouldn't kiss and tell.

After Paying off my iPhone 6 + off this month I can finally look forward to next month and actually having money to spend on new clothes that are not for work but are for everyday. Like non-work clothes. Like Summer clothes, actual summer! Even if I don't get to wear them straight away they will be here waiting for me when I need them. I have a few things in mind that I want/need; dungarees, printed trousers, a coord set, more chinos, a ton of shoes, bracelets, sunglasses... etc. I already have the dungarees which came like 2 months ago and I love them. Makes me feel rather strangely young again. As you can tell from certain things I've picked theres not too much colour except from the two piece. It's not that there wasn't colourful stuff I loved on ASOS I just loved these items more. I am hoping to get my nephew the dungarees(Next) below so we can match. Sad I know. My nephew and my sister are moving back home on Thursday. Living in a house with my immediate family again is going to be rather strange and a little cramped but its going to be amazing at the same time. Seeing my nephew grow up right in front of me and of course teach him how to terrorise the rest of my family. Although I'm going to move out hopefully soon. Its time to take back my independence and my bedroom from the cleaner, mother. enjoy. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A foreign sun my eyes thought I’d never see.

If you live in cardiff, you can tell by the fact there is a sun that these were not recently taken. Three weeks ago during a day off me and Charlotte wanted to do something. So why not cardiff bay, Sunbathing, cards and cider. There was a very awkward moment when charlotte didn't have a bottle opener and when she decide to become David Attenborough and record me but we've gotten over that now. It really got me thinking of summer. What do i want to do? I've already booked V festival which I honestly can't wait for but it feels like the year I travel abroad again, finally. I've waited three years so I'm going. My preparation in the gym starts tomorrow. All junk food has gone out the fucking window and this year I'm going to do it for myself. I put all this effort in for things that don't even matter but the one thing that would properly make me more comfortable in myself and I find any excuse not to do it.  Then theres the question of where. Where? Suppose I better start looking at places and new clothes... and who I'm going to drag with me.


Monday, 4 May 2015

And I want you do you want me do you want me too?

I feel like I should start with a apology. I haven't blogged in ages. My new job has absorbed a bit of time but I've become rather distracted again. It happens from time to time. Mostly when life becomes rather full on emotionally.  Honestly it's only recently that I've felt ready to blog again. My life has changed quite a bit but I'm happier. Hopefully it's still going to get better now. 
Being rather horrific. Birthdays haven't ever been a good thing for me. It's like a day I'm programmed to hate. That sounds rather ungrateful but I am always appreciative of everything it's just one day has so much pressure on it to be perfect and it never quite is. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why it isnt but it's kinda just like a feeling. Lingering there all day... Maybe due to my hangover.  The days after are where my birthday highlights come. With the present usage. The shopping. My friends did get me tickets to Alton towers. Which I'm so excited for. Hopefully this summer is going to be amazing. In terms of actually doing things and weather. I shall blog even if I have to do it on my lunch break. Enjoy. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

I can't walk the line, I can't see the time I'm falling out of view,I'm sinking into you.

Single. Living with Family .Watching my nephew become his own little person.  Got a full time job as a sales coordinator on a menswear department.  One month till I'm 23. V festival 2015 booked. Got my ear pierced.   Yeah thats pretty much me. Well the outline anyway. Some photos to go along nicely. Enjoy.