Saturday, 4 October 2014

I tip on alligators and little rattle snakers But I'm another flavor Something like a terminator.

Lets catch up, on what has seemed like a long time. Honestly it hasn't been a great time recently, a big part of my trouble is my need to please everyone I can sometimes be restricted in what I want to do , yet the arrogance of some people sickens me. My skin as a consequence has decided to revert to its teenage state which is why as I write this I currently have a botanics clay mask on. Which is extremely relaxing. 
 Most of these photos are really positive and hopefully I can build from that. Highlights are always food and time with my friends. Seeing the 1975 and spending 2 days with Charlotte in London were amazing .  It felt like we had moved back in with each other and back to London. Coming back to cardiff wasn't my happiest moment and even harder when my mother threw away my half eaten kooky bakes signature slice!! She's on my enemies list. It was also nice to get a free bottle of champagne and a christmas present that I forgot about, vodka, was a lovely surprise. Enjoy. 

nephews baseball shirt. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lights still shining in the room.

Interviews are strange. My first worry is normally what to wear. Then all the more job appropriate worries come into place. Will I be good enough ? What will they ask me ? How can I sell Myself? That's basically what it is. 30 mins to make someone believe in you. So firstly confidence. Clothing, Personal I would go smart, Appearance is important. Suit jacket and trousers or something interesting with personal flare but must remain smart. So why this Blog post. Well hopefully I will be having an iinterview soon.  I don't think I have much chance of actually getting the job but if you want something you should always make an effort. So I'm currently choosing between these two outfits.

I already have the trousers but would need to get the suit jacket. Shirt/shoes would be different. Im thinking more of my brown brogue boots and a grandad white shirt or Really light blue/lilac shirt.  I'm leaning more towards the suit as I could still wear it to work even if I don't get the job. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Purple and scarred, thats the colour it will be.

Forever 21. The American giant. When I visited Florida in 2011 I didn't actually see a forever 21 that I can recall. My first experience was Shopping in there flagship UK store in Westfield.It's only very recently that they have put a selection of there menswear clothes in the Oxford street store. Fingers crossed they decide to open a store here in Cardiff very soon. Honestly sometimes it's a bit of hit and miss but after going to London 2 weeks ago I loved what I saw and it showed on my Bank statement. The men's section is like a hidden gem. Cheap and my style.  Here is what I bought and what I've seen on the online store that I love. Ripped jeans, Fedora hat and a stone Tshirt, which is part of a major inside joke, are going to be mine very soon. Enjoy.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I've been here for too long.

Retail. Possible one of the worst paying jobs but one of the most enjoyable because of the people who work in it but the horrible feeling of needing to move on and get a better paided job has finally embedded itself in my brain. What I would move onto in cardiff I don't know. Yet knowing I have to is leaving me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A brand new start.

Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande & the Weekend.

Won't Look Back -Duke Dumont.

Let It Go - James Bay

Want Your Feeling - Jessie Ware

Unkiss Me - Maroon 5.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Never stop, it's how we ride Comin' up until we die.

Two days off in a row! Rare in retail. Well that's what it feels like. One day of total rest the other in London. Charlotte and I went up yesterday and honestly it was such a beautifully nostalgic and hilarious day that it has made me miss London more. The hustle and bustle of the city is totally peaceful to me. We went to all our normal places. Westfield, Spitafields, Oxford street, Carnaby street and Hyde park.   Enjoy.
Victoria Station. 

Kooky bakes At Kerb in Spitafields. - Salted caramel whoopee pie.

One of the best Topman stores around, small but beautifully designed and presented.

Liverpool street station.

The Real greek. - Htipiti and Hummus with flatbread.
New potatoes, lamb kefte and Tiropitakia.

Jacket- H&M.  Shirt - River island. Necklace - Topman.  Jeans - Next.  Ring - Topman. Boots- Next.
Bag- River Island.

Flavourtowns human catnip brownie at Selfridges.

Allsaints shoes which I fell in love with.

Amazing designed  robotic mannequins at Bershka.