Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Purple and scarred, thats the colour it will be.

Forever 21. The American giant. When I visited Florida in 2011 I didn't actually see a forever 21 that I can recall. My first experience was Shopping in there flagship UK store in Westfield.It's only very recently that they have put a selection of there menswear clothes in the Oxford street store. Fingers crossed they decide to open a store here in Cardiff very soon. Honestly sometimes it's a bit of hit and miss but after going to London 2 weeks ago I loved what I saw and it showed on my Bank statement. The men's section is like a hidden gem. Cheap and my style.  Here is what I bought and what I've seen on the online store that I love. Ripped jeans, Fedora hat and a stone Tshirt, which is part of a major inside joke, are going to be mine very soon. Enjoy.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I've been here for too long.

Retail. Possible one of the worst paying jobs but one of the most enjoyable because of the people who work in it but the horrible feeling of needing to move on and get a better paided job has finally embedded itself in my brain. What I would move onto in cardiff I don't know. Yet knowing I have to is leaving me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

A brand new start.

Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande & the Weekend.

Won't Look Back -Duke Dumont.

Let It Go - James Bay

Want Your Feeling - Jessie Ware

Unkiss Me - Maroon 5.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Never stop, it's how we ride Comin' up until we die.

Two days off in a row! Rare in retail. Well that's what it feels like. One day of total rest the other in London. Charlotte and I went up yesterday and honestly it was such a beautifully nostalgic and hilarious day that it has made me miss London more. The hustle and bustle of the city is totally peaceful to me. We went to all our normal places. Westfield, Spitafields, Oxford street, Carnaby street and Hyde park.   Enjoy.
Victoria Station. 

Kooky bakes At Kerb in Spitafields. - Salted caramel whoopee pie.

One of the best Topman stores around, small but beautifully designed and presented.

Liverpool street station.

The Real greek. - Htipiti and Hummus with flatbread.
New potatoes, lamb kefte and Tiropitakia.

Jacket- H&M.  Shirt - River island. Necklace - Topman.  Jeans - Next.  Ring - Topman. Boots- Next.
Bag- River Island.

Flavourtowns human catnip brownie at Selfridges.

Allsaints shoes which I fell in love with.

Amazing designed  robotic mannequins at Bershka. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Baby look at us. we've been loving like angels , loving like devils.

H&M David Beckham Bodywear.
Loungewear is so important. Comfit and still presenting yourself well can be tough. No one wants to be caught in a dirt old top and there worn underpants. David Beckhams new collection for H&M is a sure fire way to present yourself at home. As well as his boxers and briefs there is everything below. I love lounging around in PJ shorts. Having lost, I have no idea how, my favourite cotton shorts a while back I have been looking for a new pair. The thing that caught my eye was the colour blue Marl. Normally its black, white or grey or superhero PJ for me, so the blue marl pj shorts seem perfect for me.  Having picked up the wrong style of underwear last time I think it's going to be boxer briefs and in the blue colours. So thanks David.  H&M also have a 25 per cent off one item till the 7.9.2014 online and in-store when you use the code. 2200.

Friday, 22 August 2014

There just girls breaking hearts. Eyes bright, uptight, just girls.

It's been a very very busy month, mostly with work but in the times I had off I've tried to fill with seeing friends and family.  The beginning of the month I was in southampton helping to open the brand New Next concept Store in Hedge End. Working one day on the home department and the rest on children'swear department, which is what I normally do, mostly the boys and younger boys section. During my 5 days there I got to meet the Visual Merchandisers for the Children's department which was pretty amazing. Getting to see how they work and present the department was so interesting and knowing that I had played a part in making that department look amazing was a really nice feeling. The whole store looked beautiful.  Coming home was really relaxing. Time away from everything really does clear the mind.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Boy I know you really really wanna play.

Here are some of the items I am loving from where I work, Next. Some of the things I have picked i already have for uniform there. One of the main things I think Next is good at is the quality of there clothes. It is so important that your able to wear the clothes more than 3 times before it disintegrates  in the wash. I also have a pet hate where I hate when the colour of the clothes fades. Which all of my clothes,which I wear on a regular basis, from here honestly haven't done. The plum suit that I just have which is just on the right hand side is beautiful. Such a rich plum colour. The only downfall is that there is no waistcoat to go with it. As autumn approached I love the idea of darker colours, not that I wear bright colours in summer, being able to incorporate that more with suits and shirts I personally feel is so much more manly than the cotton suits and brighter colours of summer. Boots are also a love of mine and picking just a single pair to pinpoint is very hard. Autumn/Winter is definitely my favourite season. So bring on the cold.